No Gunk Founder Quote

    "In the 90s, we wore gel. It left gunk on our hands. At least we looked cool, right?
    In the New Millennium, we used wax. Still had gunk on our hands. Sticky situations, anyone?


    In 2016, we made No Gunk - Funkin' awesome grooming products for Funky Fellas.
    No more gunk. No Gunk, Just Funk! "

    - Sal Essa

    Founder of No Gunk

    No Gunk makes funkin' awesome hairstyling, grooming & beard care products for men.

    Yeah, and it's all organic baby!

    Look Good. Feel Great.

    No Residue. No Chemicals.

    No Gunk, Just Funk!

    Guys care about what they put on their skin, hair and body these days. Gone are the days where it was OK to look like wolverine after a rough encounter.

    But, despite the revival of the grooming space for men, and a clear need for innovative products, there has been a lack of definitive guidance about how to look good and what products will take you there.

    Sal Essa, Founder of No Gunk - a men's grooming brand, certainly believes he is well positioned to be disrupting the space with No Gunk - a brand which prides itself on taking the gunky residue out of hairstyling through it's catchy tag line - No Gunk, Just Funk!

    It's first product, the Hair & Beard Grooming Spray makes an all-in-one hairstyling, beard and pre-shave oil. "I've always taken pride in my appearance and I know a lot of other fellas do too. I still do feel, however, that not enough guys take enough care of themselves and that's what No Gunk is all about in essence."

    Mr Essa goes on to test his product on me, and I am impressed. There is No Gunky residue left on my hands as I apply it into my hair. My hair now feels soft and nourished.

    He then tells me something interesting about the current products on the market. "Gels, waxes, pomades - they're all made with chemicals and leave a gunky residue on the hands and hair. In the long term, they can damage hair and contribute to early hair loss"

    Find out more about No Gunk and purchase their products via https://nogunk.com

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