Credit: The New York Times

    Credit: The New York Times

    The Real Deal with Donald Trump's Hair

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    The Donald. You'll either love him or hate him. One thing's for sure, he's got a hairpiece that is very much unforgettable, much like his entire presidential campaign. It's become an iconic part of his image. It defines him. Some say it looks fake, others say it looks like a foreign racoon migrated onto his head, ironically, the only one that got past immigration in recent days. We digress.

    We've been asked to get to the bottom of that hair piece. Why does it look like, well, that? Is it a sham? How do you even achieve that look?

    What do we know about it?


    1. It's real. Donald Trump has 'really long hair'

    According to his ex-stylist Amy Lasch, and he supposedly combs it back himself. I wouldn't want to be Donald in the morning because...

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    2. It's not a simple side-part combover.

    Donald Trump, every morning, shares something in common with a pubescent Justin Bieber, or a mop for that matter. That's only stage 1 by the way. 


    Imagine what you could do instead with all that time.


    3. His family cut his hair (it's definitely not a hairdresser)

    According to Lasch, who used to style his hair for The Apprentice: 'When I looked at the back of his hair I could tell it was not a hairdresser cutting it,' she said. 'It was scary. It was just cut in a straight line.'

    She reckons 'someone in his inner-circle was cutting and colouring his hair. His wife or maybe his daughter.'

    Make sense. With all the anti-Trump protests and so many haters, why would he trust anyone else with his hair?

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    4. There's a lot of gunky hairspray involved

    It was supposedly impossible for Lasch to ever comb the top of the Trump Tower. She did try to comb it, but her comb would 'bounce back' because everything had been hairsprayed the hell out of. We wonder: What would it look like with some No Gunk Grooming Spray? We reckon maybe he'd start saying: "No Gunk, Just Trump!"

    5. It's not changing anytime soon

    A man like Trump who obsesses about his public appearance and image, is never going to change something about him that makes his image so iconic. Maybe he's just afraid. One thing's for sure, no matter how much people voice their dislike of his hair, there's no such thing as bad publicity, as they say.



    Sal Essa
    Sal Essa


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