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    Preparing For The Big Day: A Groom's Checklist

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    Congratulations! The Big Day is nearly here but now you need to take a backseat from taking care of the wedding and start taking care of yourself. Here’s a handy checklist and some advice on what not to miss out, to ensure you’re looking your best before tying the knot.


    1. Face Mask

    This is a step that is often overlooked, however, it is so important to remove dullness, blemishes and tighten up pores in order to have fresh, soft and clean skin ready for all your close-ups. We recommend trying our Lava Clay Face Mask for a natural exfoliating skin detox.

    2. Haircut

    Do not take any chances when booking your haircut for your wedding, always go for a style you have seen on yourself before and do not commit the crime of going to a new barber to avoid any surprises that you will not be happy to have. You know what suits your face and if you’re not sure, have a look at some of your favourite photos of yourself to get an idea of the haircuts that have complimented your look in the past.

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    3. Quality Hair Products

    Whatever style you choose, make sure your hair is healthy, dandruff-free and shiny; at NoGunk, we highly recommend avoiding shampoos that include SLS as this can lead to dryness of the scalp and multiple other health issues, read more on this topic here. Buying quality hair styling and beard products is something worth investing in for your big day, it will prevent you from ending up with flakiness as well as guaranteeing your hair remains intact all day long – one less thing to stress about! We recommend applying our Styling Funk as a pre-styler and using our Matte Lava Clay to finish the look. This will give hair a natural shine and all-day hold to make you stand out. Alternatively, if you prefer the matte look, just apply the Matte Lava Clay on its own.

    4. Massage

    Book yourself a massage a few days before the big day to relax your muscles and loosen you up from all that hectic planning. This is one of the most memorable days in your life and you don’t want to be tense. Ask the massage therapist to use relaxing oil with lavender, chamomile or bergamot to really help you unwind.

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    5. Sun Cream

    To protect you from the summer heat, make sure you’re using facial sun cream in a grease-free formula so that you do not look shiny. In our 8 tips to get your grooming routine ready for summer, we explained how important sun protection is for your skin to prevent wrinkles, avoid sun damage from UV rays and of course to not be looking red and sun burnt on such a special day.

    6. Fragrance

    A scent can hold a multitude of memories so picking a fragrance that will remind you and your partner of this day for a lifetime, is a choice worth giving a second thought to.

    7. Sleep

    Studies have shown your skin will have a much brighter glow when you’ve had a good night’s sleep because your skin makes new collagen (the protein that skin is made out of) whilst you get your Zzz.

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    Sal Essa
    Sal Essa


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