How Your Styling Products Could Help Prevent Hair Loss (For Men)

    How Your Styling Products Could Help Prevent Hair Loss (For Men)

    How Your Styling Products Could Help Prevent Hair Loss (For Men)

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    Every man wants to know how to prevent hair loss or at least hope that the idea of preventing hair loss is possible. This goes for all men, even those that weren’t all that worried about losing their hair in the first place. The problem we have found is that men often wait until it is far too late before trying to counteract their balding problems. Instead of taking pre-emptive measures they only start taking an interest once they notice their glorious hairline has started to recede. And, honestly, by that point it is usually too late to start, and more dramatic measures need to be put into place. 

    So, the question on everyone’s mind is:


    What Measures Can You Take To Help Prevent Hair Loss? 


    What measures can you take to help prevent hair loss? (For Men)


    Finding The Right Styling Products

    The right styling products can change everything when it comes to preventing hair loss. You need to use products that promote healthy hair growth and nourish the follicles as well as scalp, which consequently help prevent hair loss. By using nourishing styling products made with natural ingredients such as NO GUNK’s Matte Lava Clay, Styling Funk or Funky Flex Cream you are promoting good hair health. This is the same principle that goes for everything. You are more likely to have a healthy body and extended life if you eat healthy and watch what you are putting in your body. It is exactly the same with your hair! If you put in safe natural products that help promote healthier, thicker, and stronger hair then you are less likely to suffer with balding later in life. 

    In short, by using brands that aim to improve hair health through nourishing the scalp and sustaining hair with enriching ingredients you can help prevent future hair loss. 

    Avoid Products That Pull On The Hair And Leave Behind Residue 

    Your hair is very flexible but according to the International Journal of Trichology there is only so much stretching it can take before it becomes permanently damaged and breaks. Hairstyles that require bobbles or pulling hair tightly away from the scalp such as braids or ponytails will cause the bonds between your hair and scalp to loosen over time. This also goes for hair products such as gels or other unnatural “long-lasting” cosmetics that tug at the hair when applied, which is usually the case for a lot of big brand hair products. These types of products also tend to leave a residue in your hair which causes a build up around the hair follicle and can stunt hair growth. 

    Now you know why it is so important to use products that don’t pull on the hair or leave any residue behind such as the all-natural NO GUNK haircare range.

    Using  An All-Natural Shampoo without SLS or Sulphates

    This simple change in your grooming routine can be the first step in changing your hair health forever and can dramatically decrease the likelihood of your hair thinning or receding later down the line. Start by investing in an all-natural shampoo just like the Fig Barbary Shampoo which is SLS-free. This is because sulphates are harsh, linked to drying hair, frizz and itchy scalp. For the best results we suggest you aim for products that include ingredients that promote hair health such as barbary fig oil which helps to nourish both the hair and the scalp, argan oil which helps to strengthen and condition hair, and aloe vera which has a host of benefits including soothing inflammation and repairing damaged hair. 

    Using Your All-Natural Shampoo Correctly 

    Once you have invested in your shampoo it is important that you use it correctly. Most people make the mistake of applying their shampoo throughout the entire length of their hair. However, to reap the best results you should focus on gently massaging the shampoo into your scalp. This will help you remove dirt and also stimulate the blood circulation in the head which helps to improve hair growth. To get the best clean and nourishment out of your NO GUNK shampoo, leave it in your hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. When rinsing your hair let your shampoo flow through the length but be mindful not to rub. This can cause the hair to snap and damage as hair is more fragile when wet than it is dry. 

    The massage you get from shampooing your hair this way is also highly beneficial to helping prevent hair loss. In a study from 2016 men were given 4-minute head massages every day throughout the experiment and it was found that they all had thicker hair by the end of it. The same goes for the 2019 study that surveyed 300+ participants who did a twice-daily head massage and 69% found that their alopecia had significantly improved. 

    Avoid High Heat When Styling Your Hair

    When it comes to styling hair people make the mistake of using styling wands or hairdryers on a high heat. This has been proven to age your hair which can lead to premature balding or receding. To counteract this hair trauma, you should only dry your hair on a low heat. However, if you’re in a rush and need to boost it up to medium heat it is best to apply hair styling products that have ingredients with a high smoke point in it before blow drying. For example, the Matte Lava Clay, Styling Funk AND Funky Flex Cream are all made with shea butter, a natural ingredient which has a high smoke point of 233 °C (450 °F) which makes it a perfect heat protector for your hair as it seals in moisture and protects the hair shaft from heat damage. This is a similar effect to silicone-based products but without any of that nasty artificial build up.


    What measures can you take to help prevent hair loss? (For Men)


    You reap what you sow is a quote that everybody is familiar with. It’s because it's relatable and true. Especially when it comes to taking care of your hair. Everything you do to look after your hair, as well as everything you don’t do, sooner or later comes back around.  By following these simple and beneficial instructions you could set up a future where you don’t have to worry about taking out a loan to get a hair transplant. 

    However, it is always important to remember that hair loss is common, especially in older adults and mostly because of genetics. It is completely natural. If you want to understand more about hair loss and how it works check out our previous article: What Causes Hair Loss In Men & What’s The Cure For It?)


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