Credit: Netflix Life

    Credit: Netflix Life

    How to get Mena Massoud's Hairstyle from Aladdin

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    You probably know Mena Massoud’s face very well by now. Star of this year’s live action remake of Aladdin, it’s hard to miss him this summer, whether that be his cheeky smile, or his on-screen chemistry with Naomi Scott who plays Princess Jasmin. One thing he’s consistently brought to the table though, both on-and-off set, is his stylish hair. 

    The man is a magician. Most of us Funky Fellas would settle for just one hairstyle that suits us, till we get bored and switch it up. Mena Massoud cycles through 8 a week it would seem!

    Let’s have a look at the haircut behind the hairstyle first, then we’ll focus on 2 ways you can style it à la Mena Massoud.

    Mena massoud hairstyle haircut Aladdin

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    The Haircut

    Mena’s hair is a simple mid-length disconnected undercut. All you need to do is ask your barber for very short or shaved sides and longer hair on top to create the stark contrast that makes this hairstyle so awesome. In addition to these instructions, you can show your barber the picture below – he’ll know what to do.

    PRO TIP: One customisation you can discuss with your barber is, depending on your head shape, how much you’d like to blend the shorter sides as you get to the top.

    Mena massoud hairstyle haircut disconnected undercut Aladdin

    Credit: Here Magazine

    Style 1 – The Windswept Quiff

    Mena massoud hairstyle windswept quiff straight haircut disconnected undercut Aladdin

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    Mena’s hair is naturally curly. That means that if you have naturally curly hair like his, you’ll need to invest some time in straightening your hair first, before you can achieve this look. If you’re born with naturally straight hair, you can skip this part.

    To get this style you’ll need the help of a hair dryer and a hair brush.

    • After taking a shower, apply some of our Styling Funk between your hands and apply in your hair from root to tip.
    • Blow dry your hair, whilst using the brush to angle and sweep the hair to the side you desire. Ensure you brush your hair straight back.
    • To finish the style off and add some extra hold, apply our Matte Lava Clay in the same way you did with the Styling Funk. A little goes a long way. Be sure to warm it up well between your hands.


    Style 2 – The Aladdin Curtains

    Mena massoud hairstyle side part slack straight curly haircut disconnected undercut Aladdin

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    Styling wise, it’s pretty similar to the above routine with a few tweaks. Think of it like styling a side part, except you’re going to use some of that length to create the curtains. 

    • Start off with wet hair as above, and apply some Styling Funk.
    • This time use the hair dryer and brush to push back the part of your hair which is the parting to the side (on the right in the picture above.) As for the other part of your hair which will be used for the curtains, ensure you blow dry it to the side at the back, and downwards towards the front in order for it to easily style in the right direction.
    • Now you just need our Matte Lava Clay to finish the look. Spread it well between your hands and apply it from root to tip. Pick some thick strands of hair that are long enough and naturally falling. Then, tousle and layer some additional product to them to create that curtain look.


    Sal Essa
    Sal Essa


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