The Many Hairstyles of Harry Styles (How To Get The Haircuts). Credit: Shutterstock

    The Many Hairstyles of Harry Styles (How To Get The Haircuts). Credit: Shutterstock

    How To Get Harry Styles’ Haircuts & Hairstyles

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    Harry Styles is an English singer, songwriter, model, and actor. When we say Harry Styles no two people conjure up the same image of this British icon. Some picture a long-haired boy auditioning for the 2010 X-Factor before grouping up and taking over the world with UK boy band One Direction. Others may picture Harry Styles from his solo career, singing his infamous hits such as Watermelon Sugar (2019) which became the trending backing track for numerous TikTok videos across the world or picture him strutting around a stage in one of his signature Gucci suits. 

    Some of you probably didn’t think of his singing career at all and conjured up a picture of Harry Styles clad in a soldier’s uniform in Christopher Nolan’s depiction of the events of World War 2 in Dunkirk (2017). Or perhaps you pictured his grand and shocking entrance in Marvel’s Eternals (2021). 

    Either way it’s fair to say this British icon has managed to get around in his time and evolve every year. But here at NO GUNK we are focusing on one specific aspect of Harry Styles’ evolution. And that is the evolution of his hair and how you can recreate two of the many Harry Styles hairstyles. 


    Haircut 1: Layered Mid-cut with Side Parting


    Harry Styles’ Haircut from the Golden music video.

    Credit: Ben and Gabe Turner


    This was one of the top researched haircuts in 2020 after Harry Styles released his music video Golden featuring him running, swimming, and driving all along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. And he does it all in soft, billowing designer outfits while bathed in warm Italian sunlight. This haircut is great if you’re trying to go for an expensive and classy look without actually breaking the bank. This is a fantastic medium length haircut for you funky fellas with thick and wavy hair texture like Mr Styles himself.


    How To Cut: 

    For this cut you’re going to scissor cut the back length of the hair until it level with the base of the neck. For the sides you want to cut down at an angle starting from just below the ears until it connects with the back cut. Then for the top and front hair you want to cut it around four to five inches long. This means when you pull the hair down it should reach your top lip. Now it’s time to put in your layers from the base of the neck and up following around the share of the head. This will give your hair the correct texture and volume needed for the cut. 


    How To Style:

    • You’re going to want to start this cut with wet hair. We recommend hopping into the shower and using some of our natural Fig Barbary Shampoo to help nourish and hydrate your hair. Apply a small amount into the hair and mash thoroughly into the roots. Rinse and then hop out of the shower to towel dry your hair. 
    • After your hair has been towel dried till it is damp you will want to apply some hair wax to your hair. Scoop up a pea sized amount of our NO GUNK Styling Funk. Warm the product up between your fingers tips and apply it to your hair from root to tip, starting from the back and moving forward.
    • Using your fingers to style the hair, create that strong Harry Styles side parting. You will NOT need a comb or brush for this. Brushing this hairstyle will ruin the integrity of the curls and leave your hair looking floppy and flat which are two things we are trying to avoid!
    • Now it is time to grab a hairdryer and a diffuser. A diffuser is the round add on with prongs that came with your hairdryer when you bought it. If you can’t find one you can easily buy one off Amazon. A diffuser is the best way to dry wavy or curly hair. As you dry on a medium heat you will want to twist bits of your hair around your fingers to help define your curls. 
    • Finally, switch to the cold setting and blast your hair to lock the style in place. 


    Haircut 2: Short Scissor Over Comb


    How to get the Harry Styles Hairstyle this 2022

    Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures


    How To Cut: 

    For this haircut you want to ask your barber for a short scissor over-comb. The top of the hair needs to be around four to five inches in length and tapered off towards the back. Tell your barber you plan to style the hair pushed back and they will adjust the length accordingly. The back and sides need to be kept short. From the base of your neck to the tip of your ear cut the hair with a #3 and then from the bears until the hair line a #4. You don’t want to see the scalp though the hair. Finally go through the hair and blend it all together so everything looks neat. 


    How To Style: 

    • For this haircut you will want to start with damp, towel dried hair. You then want to scoop up a pea sized amount of our Styling Funk and apply it to your hair as a pre-styler. Apply it in the same way as described for the first hairstyle making sure the product is warmed between your fingers first. 
    • Now get your hairdryer and set it to a medium heat. Blow dry your hair backwards off your face and use your fingers to direct the hair the way you want it to go. As you are drying make sure to scrunch up the ends of the hair to give it that volume and texture. 
    • Next go through your hair with a pea sized amount of our Matte Lava Clay. Warm the clay between your fingers and apply it from root to tip throughout your hair. This will give your hair that nice matte look and also give it some extra hold. 
    • Finally blast your hair with hairdryer on the cold setting to keep everything in place and you officially have created Harry Styles’ hairstyle from Dunkirk


    TIP: If you want a mix of both hairstyles then we suggest you look no further than the image below. For this haircut you just follow the instructions laid out for Harry Styles Dunkirk haircut and the instructions for Harry Styles Golden haircut for how to style it. 


    How to get the harry styles haircut and hairstyle for thick and wavy hair

    Credit: Billboard.com


    Enjoy your new Harry Styles haircuts and prepare yourself for what he will do next in his hairstyle evolution. We’re excited for the looks to be served in 2022.

    Zheelana Cottam
    Zheelana Cottam


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