How to get the David Beckham haircut - Crew cut & fade. Credit: Joe Raedle

    How to get the David Beckham haircut - Crew cut & fade. Credit: Joe Raedle

    How To Get David Beckham’s Many Haircuts & Hairstyles (Bonus 2021 Cut)

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    David Beckham, one of Britain’s national treasures, whose hair is as remarkable as his footwork on the field, has been influencing men’s hairstyles for close to four decades now! Men everywhere are obsessed with this footballer turned fashion icon, following the evolution of his hair very, very closely. 

    So, we have put together a style guide on two of this dapper gentleman’s more modern hairstyles for you to recreate.

    1. The Pompadour and Fade

    Get the modern David Beckham haircut and hairstyle - a pompadour and fade
    Credit: Paul Zimmerman


    When you get to the barber, instruct him to keep the hair on top quite long. You’ll want around 6-8 inches in length specifically in the front (when it comes to styling it’s important that there is enough length to work with) with the hair getting shorter towards the back stopping at around 2-3 inches. For the back and sides, you’ll want a fade starting at a #0.5 from the bottom till you reach the tip of the ears then taper the hair gradually until it blends in with the top.


    TIP: To be just like Becks, shave down those sideburns to a neat #0.5 to blend the beard and hairline together. 


    • Start with clean, towel dried hair. If your hair is really thick you will need to add some product into your hair first. If your hair isn’t thick, skip this step. Apply a small amount of our NO GUNK Styling Funk onto your fingertips and warm the product well. Then massage it into the roots of the hair. 
    • Get your hairdryer and on a medium heat start drying your hair blowing from the back to front. “But that’s the opposite way!” I can hear you say. Don’t worry and trust the process! This is the best way to create natural volume when styling a pompadour. Now, once your hair is 50% dry, swap directions and blow dry it from front to back. Use your fingers to help create texture and focus on creating volume at the front.
    • Next, turn the hair dryer onto the cold setting and brush the hair at the front upwards to help it hold its shape. 
    • Take a small amount of the NO GUNK Matte Lava Clay and warm the product as stated above before applying it gently into your hair from root to tip. Start at the back of your hair to help distribute the product more evenly and move towards the front to help hold your style in place. Now comb your hair backwards. This will give your hair a sturdy and shiny finish.  


    TIP: If you want a more modern Beck's take on this hairstyle mess up the front a little and allow a few strands to fall forward as pictured below. 


    Footballer David Beckham’s Haircut - short back and sides with a messy pompadour

    Credit: Elle Man


    2. Bringing the Buzz Cut Back 


    How to get the latest David Beckham haircut - the bleached buzz cut

    Credit: Getty Images


    Talk about an early 2000’s throwback with this one. David Beckham’s latest haircut is a homage to one of his earlier looks back when he played for Manchester United. You know which one we’re talking about. The Beckham buzz cut that shocked the nation and made the footballer a headliner as ‘SKINHEAD BECKHAM’ in the Daily Mail. This inevitably led to thousands of men across the globe rushing to their barber to get the next hot Beckham haircut. 

    Beckham posted this newest 2021 look - another bleached buzz cut - to his Instagram with the caption: “It just had to be done.” So, it’s time to follow in Beck’s footsteps once again and ask your barber to #1 your back and sides and subtly move into a #2 at the top of your head so you don’t see too much scalp. 


    Some honourable hair mentions: 

    It’s not easy being one of the most handsome fashion icons of the modern age but it's not a skill that blooms overnight. Here are two noteworthy hair-mentions to put a smile on your face and remind you that we all start out as ducklings before we become swans. Even Becks himself.


    The Double Ponytail 

    Young David Beckham wearing a double ponytail hairstyle
    Credit: Men's Hair Forum 


    Young David Beckham wearing cornrows hairstyle
    Credit: Ben Radford 

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