How to Combine Your Hair Products Together To Create Amazing Hairstyles.

    How to Combine Your Hair Products Together To Create Amazing Hairstyles.

    How To Combine Your Hair Products Together

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    Sometimes a single hair product is not enough to get the job done. This is simply because there are numerous combinations of hair types, textures, and styles out there in the world and sometimes you just might need a little extra hold. This is especially true for you funky fellas that have a thick head of hair or stubborn coarse hair. But let’s not forget thickness isn’t the only issue men suffer with when it comes to hair. There are also the funky fellas that struggle with thin flat hair. The truth of the matter is your hair could receive the boost it needs by simply combining your hair products together! 

    Is it that easy? 

    Yes, it is that easy. No need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on products that are supposed to give you that extra-long hold or throw your money at a specialist to get you some new hair. Be your own mixologist by making your own hair product concoction. This way you can double your chances of having a great hair day that will have you feeling, and looking, amazing. 


     Hair products: How to mix your hair products together. Hair products: Styling Funk Hair Wax and Matte Lava Clay for men.


    How do I combine my hair products together? 


    To accomplish this, you will need to use a pre-styler on your hair. A pr-styler is exactly what it sounds like. A hair product that is used to prep your hair before the proper in-depth styling. Think of this product as the sturdy foundation to building the perfect hairstyle. Pre-stylers are needed because sometimes our hair is not in the condition we need it to be in before styling. It may be hard to manage, looking a little flat, or even just needing something to make your style last all day long. 

    Then the second hair product is used to shape the hair and complete the style you are trying to achieve. 


    How to combine your hair products together. Hair products: NO GUNK Styling Funk hair wax for men with medium hold and high shine.


    Is it safe to mix your hair products together?


    Of course, it is! We recommend that you check out your ingredients list (you will usually find this on the back or base of a product) first to be sure that the products you are mixing are compatible. You don’t want any clumps or matted hair. It would be a good idea to invest in some all-natural products too. Doubling up your hair product means double whatever is in them being put into your hair. This is why we recommend using our NO GUNK hair products. Each of our products are compatible with the other as well as being made with completely natural ingredients and are completely free from any toxic chemicals or SLS.


    How to use your hair products together. Hair products: NO GUNK Matte Lava Clay styling hair product for men with high hold and matte finish.


    What hairstyles can pull off using a combination of hair products? 


    There are so many hairstyles you can create and doubling up your hair products just gives you more options than you had before. So, to give you fellas an idea of what you’re getting into we have put together two styles that require doubling up our NO GUNK products. 


    Hairstyle 1: The Combover 


    How to combine your hair products – comb over haircut and side parting.

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    If you’re looking for the perfect haircut that will make you look like the gallant guy next door we recommend this Ivy League comb over. It pairs well with a suit and a clean shave and no matter your age it always looks good. Celebrities can be seen wearing this look at numerous red-carpet events. 


    How To Style: 


    • To style your fresh cut you’ll need some hair wax. Use some of our NO GUNK Styling Funk as a pre-styler in damp, towel-dried hair. Rub the product thoroughly between your palms to warm it up and then apply to hair from root to tip, making sure to push the hair over to the right. 
    • For that extra long-lasting hold, finish the style with our Matte Lava Clay for me by applying it in the same way as the Styling Funk.
    • Comb your hair through, starting from the side parting over and slightly back for that sophisticated Clooney comb over.


    Hairstyle 2: The Pompadour


    How to mix your hair products together – pompadour haircut.

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    How To Style: 

    • Start with clean, towel dried hair. To create that high shine you will need some hair wax. Scoop up a pea-sized amount of our Styling Funk and warm the product well between your fingertips. Apply product thoroughly to the hair starting back to front and root to tip. 
    • Now grab your hair dryer and comb. Set your dryer to a medium heat and blow dry the hair front to back. At the same time use your comb to direct the hair and to create those textured lines that Giroud loves so much. 
    • For a little extra hold scoop some of our Matte Lava Clay and apply it to the front and sides of the hair. This will give your hair the longevity it will need to hold this style all day long. 
    • Finally grab your hairdryer once more and put it on its coldest setting. Give your hair a quick blast to set everything in place and you’re good to go!


    Zheelana Cottam
    Zheelana Cottam


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