Gareth Bale: The Haircut, The Man Bun & The Baldness. Credit: Sport 24.

    Gareth Bale: The Haircut, The Man Bun & The Baldness. Credit: Sport 24.

    Gareth Bale: The Haircut, The Man Bun & The Baldness!

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    The Hair That Needed a Bale-out!


    We are all fall victim to bad hair days. And sometimes this biggest reason for that is we simply don’t know any better. This goes for anyone and everyone. Even Wales’s very own football star, Gareth Bale. What we’re referring to is the short back and sides with the rest of the hair swooshed heavily to the side with hair gel.  


    Young Gareth Bale haircut and style - short back and sides, hard part with gelled combover
    Credit: Getty Images. 

    Young Gareth Bale haircut and style - short back and sides, hard part with gelled combover
    Credit: Getty Images. 

    It is no secret that Bale has started to go bald. A fear that gets bigger with each passing year and every receding hairline. He can now join the list of handsome celebs that started losing their hair in their earlier years, such as Matthew McConaughey, who fixed his hair loss with a transplant, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who embraced his iconic bald head. The cosmetics industry is constantly looking for new ways to stop hair loss but sometimes the best thing a man can do to stop a receding hairline is to invest in quality products and go all-natural.

    These days, Gareth Bale has moved on from that sheepish excuse of a hairstyle and is actually setting his own trend when it comes to men’s hair. The Welsh trend setter brings you… the man bun! And just like that – BAM! – Bale goes from zero to hero with an army of long-haired funky fellas backing him up. You can see (below) the difference this new trendsetting haircut has. It completely takes Bale’s hair to the next level! And he’s looking pretty good in the red too.


    Gareth Bale haircut - man bun
    Credit: Getty Images.


    How to get the Gareth Bale hairstyle?


    Gareth Bale haircut and style - man bun and undercut
    Credit: Pinterest.

    Going from the awkward teen haircut to the man bun was a power move on Bale’s part. By simply having the patients to grow everything out this ugly duckling came out the end as a beautiful swan. As we said earlier, everyone makes mistakes when they’re young. We just thank the almighty hair gods that Bale finally baled on the damaging hair gels and the hard side parting. Going for a longer hairstyle was a good decision.

    Gareth Bale’s bun kicked off a whole man bun trend and the hairstyle is extremely popular today. Each year more and more men are going for longer and my eye-catching hairstyles.

    This Gareth Bale hairstyle is a great look to pull off if you’re a long haired fella looking to keep your locks out of your face - or one of the unlucky fellas starting to prematurely bald and looking to cover up.

    The Man Bun and Undercut


    How to get the Gareth Bale haircut - man bun and undercut

    Credit: Sky Sports.

    To recreate this hairstyle you need to have pretty long hair to start, around shoulder length or even a little longer if you want more weight to your bun. To keep this style looking fresh, book a trip to the barber and ask them to trim your ends with a soft scissor cut. This will get rid of your flyaways and get your hair looking healthy. Next cut in the undercut with #2 clippers. You want to go from the base of the neck and stop just half an inch above the tip of the ears. Aim to finish the cut at your temples. (Show the picture above for reference).

    • Start with towel dried hair. You want your hair damp but not dripping.
    • Scoop up a small amount of Funky Flex Cream and apply it throughout your hair from root to tip. A hair cream is lightweight so it will not way your hair down. It will also allow your hair to hold all day as well as taming any unruly frizz.
    • Dry your hair with a hairdryer on a medium head and brush your hair through with a wide bristled brush. If you want more volume then blow dry your hair upwards. Drying your hair is important because putting wet hair up into a bun is a BIG NO NO. Trying wet hair can cause the hairs to snap and cause thinning.
    • Grab a bobble and twist your hair up into a high bun at the crown of your head. Secure it in place to keep your hair in place.
    • Finally, to get that nice shine, add a small amount of our Styling Funk to the front of your hair. This will also help secure your look – especially if you have a 90-minute football game to play.


      But Wait... What About The Baldness?


      Well fellas, it seems that Gareth's hairline is catching up with him if this picture has anything to say about it. Find out the best ways to stop a receding hairline in our article below. 




      Credit: Sport 24


      So - trendsetter or genius hair placement? You decide.


      Zheelana Cottam
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