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    Credit: Joburg

    8 tips to get your grooming routine ready for summer!

    作者Sal Essa


    It’s officially summer– both technically (summer solstice was just a few days ago) and because the sun is finally shining! And with summer comes sun, the beach, and cocktails but also heat and sweat. So how does a Funky Fella tame his hair and take care of his looks when the temperatures rise? Keep reading for our top tips…


    1. Sunscreen

    We shouldn’t even have to tell you about this, but you know how crucial it is to protect your skin as the sun comes out. Sunscreen absorbs and reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, so we suggest you opt for a natural, chemical-free sunscreen that is at least SPF15 to ensure your skin is protected, doesn’t go all red and doesn’t suffer from long-term sun damage.


    2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

    With the increase in humidity and sweat, your facial skin is more likely to accumulate dirt and impurities that can block your pores and cause acne. To avoid pesky spots, you should be washing your face first thing in the morning as well as just before going to bed. And to really treat yourself, make sure you go for a face mask a couple of times a week. 

    Our Lava Clay Face Mask is made out of only natural ingredients and will give you a gentle exfoliation to extract impurities, reduce inflammation and nourish your skin.


    3. Moisturise

    Sunscreen is sadly not enough, and we’d always recommend using a daily moisturiser to soothe and hydrate your skin, especially when it’s hot outside. In the summer months, opt for a light-weight oil-free version.


    4. Double up on deodorant

    There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard once your deodorant has run out. Make sure you’re using oodles of it and go for a natural, alcohol-free and no aerosol one that is strong enough to endure the summer heat. Try our Pit Stop natural deodorant here!


    Fit Barbary Musk Natural Shampoo

    5. Take care of your hair

    The breeze on the beach, sun, and chlorine in swimming pools are likely to take a toll on your hair as well. To make sure it’s moisturised and doesn’t dry out, it’s worth investing in a good natural shampoo. And for this very reason, we’ve just launched an amazing one filled with one of the most moisturising and precious oils in the world – Cactus Seed Oil.


    6. Restyle

    Summer is the perfect time to restyle and go for a new look. The increase in humidity calls for a shorter haircut that is quick to style and can stand up to summer parties.

    Some of our favourite styles for summer 2019 are a simple skin fade that will keep your hair short and out of the way. Or if you’re okay with a bit more maintenance, go for a short slick back boasting shaved sides, short at the back and long at the front, to style with a slick back.

    Use our Matte Lava Clay to keep your hair in place but also nourished and protected from the sun thanks to the moisturizing Shea Butter in it. It will go down a storm.

    Man with NO GUNK Hair Styling Matt Clay


    7. Don’t forget your lip balm

    This is something most guys tend to forget, but it’s important to moisturise your lips too. Go for an easy, flavour-free lip balm to keep everything in check.


    8. Hydrate from within

    With the temperatures rise, it’s key that you double up on your water intake too. The hotter it is, the more you’ll sweat so you’ll have to replenish harder.

    Make sure you’re drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. But it’s not just all about drinking more water, staying away from dehydrators is also key – and that includes coffee and alcohol, so make sure you’re drinking responsibility when the sun comes out.


    That's it, Funky Fella... you're ready for summer! Have any top tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

    Sal Essa
    Sal Essa


    Sal Essa is the Chief Funky Fella & Founder of No Gunk. Fluent in French & Spanish, during his spare time he enjoys travelling, improving his Mandarin & learning from great entrepreneurs and brands.

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